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The Room (2023)

An experimental short film Directed & Produced by Ruby Burrell & Beatiz Silva

Role: Co-Director & Producer, DoP, Editor 

“Good sad - do you ever get a kind of gentle sadness that almost feels good? Like a nostalgia for a lost past or stolen future that is mournful but also reminds you that life is capable of such warm things? And that you were there to witness them? (I do.)” - Matt Haig

An experimental short film that plays with the notion of the past, present and future in relation to the human experience. The film is a cinematic montage that explores memory and imagination, highlighting themes of nostalgia and romanticism. It aims to demonstrate the distinction between the two, as well as how they can blend together in our minds. It will explore the accuracy of memory recall and how our memories are often unreliable and inaccurate. ‘The Room’ is the lingering middle ground between what we know and what we imagine. 'The Room' intertwines between multiple events, introducing different characters, different time periods, and different locations, all of which represent the different memories of a single character. The one consistent aspect in this piece will be the main character. The film never directly introduces the main character, but the video revolves around ‘The Room’, a metaphorical space representing the character's present day headspace. Regardless of what happens in the narrative, the film will begin, continuously come back to, and end in The Room (the characters mind). The room will be a physical representation of how we spend the present reflecting on the past and thinking about the future. 

The Halfway Garden (2023)

Director: Brando Naldi

Role: First AC

'What if he could wind the clock back and wipe out the line between dream and reality?' An elderly man wanders the streets of London haunted by a past promise. But what if he could wind the clock back and wipe out the line between dream and reality? Past and present start intertwining in his mind. After getting in a cab, he nods off, and flashbacks break into the scene: he had to leave for the war, and the girl he loved would wait for him, but eventually something went wrong. When he awakens, bewildered by what he finds, he unknowingly heads towards an appointment with his past.


I graduated from the University of Westminster in 2023. In my 3 years art uni, i participated in a range of film projects, from short films to music videos. I took on roles such as DoP, Director, Producer and Editor, as well as smaller roles helping out class mates and friends as a runner or second AC. 

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